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New web site of Top Kraft Handels GmbH


With the new year of 2012 we refreshed and modernized website of Top Kraft Handelsh GmbH
Reconstruction was made based on our customers suggestions.
All the changes and facilities are intended to make our web site as clear as possible and users friendly.
However, if there is something important you can’t find on our website please do not hesitate to contact as at: info@top-kraft.at
In accordance with the guiding principle of our company, we will make every effort to meet our client needs.
Thank you in advance for any of your valuable feedback.


Beginning of sales for winter version of our chemical resins


Due to the lowering of the temperature TK introduces a winter version of the SF VINKRAFT chemical anchors.
Vinylester-based resin no styrene contains intended for use in reduced external temperatures.
Its chemical formula has been modified so that at temperatures below zero speed up curing time while relatively easy to extrude by using the simplest dosing gun for one component loads.
Each resin is available in cartridges of 300ml with two quadro mixers included.


Collated drywall screws on plastic stripes


An offer for phosphated drywall screws has been extended for  screws collated on the plastic stripes. Available with both threads for wood and steel substrate. Designed for most of available within EU markets electric and battery charged screwdrivers


Order tests for loads of fixings directly at the construction site


If you are not sure what type of fixings to use during montage of fasades  insulation system all you need to do is contact us by email to set an appointment with our technical advisor. Directly on-site testing will be performed using professional Pullout tester with additional professional advices on the most appropriate solutions recommended for given conditions and substrates.


Technical Approval ETA for resin VINKRAFT SF


Chemical anchor based on vinylester resin with no styrene contains named VINKRAFT SF received European Technical Approval. The resin is available in 300 ml volumes in tube-type called “peeler”  and in 380ml tube-type called “coaxial”. Wide temperature range of use and very easy application combined with high load capacity of fixings  puts the product at the forefront of available bonded anchors. Our VINKRAFT system consists two mixers and full range of accessories beginning from rods offered in packages with screwing tip-end up to anchoring mesh for hollow materials. Full version of the approval is available via email.


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